Sunday, November 19, 2006

attending a paper crafters & scrapbookers meet up

yesterday, i attended my very first meet up through the website it was held in a nice room in the jewish community center and to be honest, i was a bit disappointed. i knew there would be scrapbookers, but i had hoped there would be others who did altered books and other forms of altered art. since it was a small group of six women (including me), everyone except me was doing some form of scrapbooking. i'm not knocking scrapbooking, because it sounds like a fun way to record your memories, but i don't have much interest in it. and there was the added effect that i was the youngest there, (i'm 18) and most of the other women were married & had kids! two of the women talked a lot about babies and the struggles of taking care of kids. i felt like we didn't have too much in i don't think i will participate in that group again. i did like that i was pretty productive in the group though, i worked quietly and made five atcs that i really like.

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