Thursday, December 28, 2006

packing tape transfers

atcs i've made for a tea cups, tea pots swap at atcards

lately, i've been playing around with packing tape transfers, which is a very simple technique that many artists have used. it's simply applying clear packing tape to a image from photocopies, magazines, etc and soaking it in water for a few minutes. then you can peel off the back of the paper, and the image has been transfered to the tape, resulting in a transparency. i don't know why i hadn't tried this before, because it makes my collages have more depth to them.

at the circus 5 at the circus 4
circus images are from ten two studios

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Casey said...

Wow. Those are all so amazing! I love the packing tape transfer idea as well--thank you so much for sharing! Now I'm eager to try it out!! lol!