Friday, January 05, 2007

morning collage

i was thinking about how my journaling had fallen to the wayside of my art work. but that art journaling was how i started making collages. i was also inspired by keri smith's morning collages which was art journaling just to get the mind thinking and moving. so i've decided to take part in this type of experiment. i want to pick out the scraps on my desk and make a messy collage out of it or rummage through the recycling bag and pick out junk. the collages i make may be wild and messy and even outright ugly, but hopefully it will get me to open my journal again. i don't want to think too hard, just act intuitively and rip out scraps and look at all the colors coming together.

here's one i did yesterday:

& this morning:


robyn said...

I just love her idea of morning collages too, it was what got me started with making my collage mail art.

Gypsy Purple said...

Looking forward to your journal...