Sunday, January 28, 2007

the paper quilt project

paper quilt project (almost done)

my part of the quilt in the paper quilt project. it feels almost done. i actually did the collage right after the packet of paper came because i was excited to start and i didn't want to worry about it too much. i mean, i didn't want to stress about getting it right. right now i am satisfied with where the collage is at, but i know it's not done yet. it needs words, i think it needs my handwriting.

the remaining papers. some of the other papers have been cut up into such small pieces i couldn't find them, plus they have been used for other collages i have been making.

dawbis has already lined up artists for February and March! for more updates go to the paper quilt project


Dawbis said...

i love what you've done with the papers! i think adding your handwriting sounds fabulous! thank you so much for sharing the project on your blog. i'm so happy you are participating and can't wait to see the work in person!

Casey said...

Oh wow!! I really like what you did! :D