Saturday, February 24, 2007

new work, etc

i've been off blogging lately. it's mostly because i feel like i have nothing to say, nothing to report really that would interest people. i've also been busy last weekend with chinese new year, visiting relatives and getting my lai see envelopes from them.

this is a tip in journal page i made for a person at atcards. it's inspired by nick bantock & vintage travel. i've been going to this little garage sale not too far from my house and they have a box filled with vintage postcards! most of them are blank, but some of them have been written in by people. i bought a few of the written ones and i plan on using them in my collages.

the collage in my journal for today. most of the time, when i start these collages in my journal i don't have much of an idea of what's going to come next. i've been intrigued lately about using one main color in a collage and trying to find as many things in that color. that's where the pink collage on the right is coming from, just layering pieces of paper of the same color together to see what happens. i also didn't plan on gluing down the glassine envelope down. it's empty right now, but i plan on writing a journal entry and sticking it inside the envelope.


Nicola said...

These are both very beautiful and what a clever idea the envelope is!

Mary Jane said...


cruststation said...

I stumbled on your blog today, really love your collage pages. Thanks for sharing.