Saturday, February 03, 2007


this morning i went to scrap .

slide mounts

round dannon yogurt cardboard thingys...i am not sure what they were used for, but i like the colors!

i also got altoid tins, lined paper that children use when learning to write, simplicity booklets, used manilla envelopes, and coasters to alter.


Casey said...

love those yogurt pieces--the colors are so fun!! :D

Gypsy Purple said...

Sound as if you had a lovely time


Jill Thompson said...

I am having a faint memory of pushing those cardboard thingies down into the top of a yogurt container to seal it back once opened. But not sure how it was sealed to begin with. It would have been back in the early 70's I would think that these would have been used. Yogurt containers were waxed cardboard back then; no plastic was used for any food containers. We were probably better off. I hadn't even thought about that until I saw your lids.

Hagit said...

oooh, I envy you for living near that place! btw, my trip was to NY in the end... Still, I'll go to SF sometime, and I have scrap down on my todos already!

DH said...

The deal with those cardboard disks: Dannon yogurt used to come in waxed cardboard cups with waxed cardboard lids. Much like the plastic lids that go on a cup of takeout coffee, the yogurt lids had a circular rim around a somewhat indented center, and the cardboard disk was pressed into that indentation. The disk wasn't used for resealing the cup of yogurt; it was basically just a label that provided additional rigidity to the lid.