Thursday, June 14, 2007

art journal pages

wow, i've been neglecting to scan my art journal pages up lately...
some of these pages are from april!

this one is by far my favorite spread, i like the soft green and the simple composition.

i've been working on so many little things but i havent been doing too many swaps lately. maybe i've burnt out or something..but i want to join some new ones. i also started an altered book and i am half way through it. i also really want to finish nonsensical #11 but i keep putting it off for some reason. i have to finish it soon.


Kim said...

I agree. The green is absolutely stunning. Greatwork1

Dee Light said...

I just love your work!!! Very creatiive!!!

Dee Light

heather said...

Oh, wow. I'm much more to the written-journal end of things, having little visual artistic talent at all. So I'm always entranced to see such lovely creations. Beautiful work!