Thursday, August 23, 2007

getting back into school days

i am getting more used to being in school again, with a new schedule and all. today it was the first official yoga class. i have never taken yoga before and since learning it at school is much more affordable than outside studio. the stretching and breathing is nice and relaxing but also challenging to try and get my body into a pose. i am also taking a class called poetry for poeple, which is a class where we read poetry by people of different backgrounds, which i'm excited about as well, because its a great way for me to read more poems and share my own poems with my classmates.


Kira said...

Beautiful collage. I love the texture the stitching adds.

It's so funny to hear about getting used to school -- I'm STILL getting used to being OUT of school...and this will be my second year!

Liz Gresey said...

nice work you've got here