Monday, October 08, 2007

sf zine fest

my table at the sf zinefest

on friday & saturday i tabled at the sf zine fest. i set up my table all pretty and for once i actually remembered to bring a table cloth. you can also i see that i made a sign for curbside treasure out of manila tags and paper stencils. too bad the tape i was using wasnt strong enough so it fell down a few times. will have to remember that next time.

i had a great time meeting people, especially two etsyians - quiltingmama and the mincing mockingbird who both have awesome items and are very cool people.

(I am sorry for the bad photos aparently i cant hold my camera steady enough)

the mincing mockingbird's table

quiltingmama's table

i keep touching all of quiltingmama's things, cause her blankets and bibs and everything are so soft and cozy :) & who can resist bird art with funny captions?

pod post's table

the pod post ladies!

i also met up with the ladies of pod post who are two women who make zines, patches, stationery and books and love mail and ephemera as much as i do. i like their vaguely girl scout-ish outfits and curtsies.

being at the zine fest was great because i made sales, but also i traded zines with the awesome ladies of fuzzy lunchbox, naomi of the absinthe faery and lisa mae of gimme brains distro

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