Tuesday, January 01, 2008

yesterday and today's collages

yesterday's collages, soft colors and neutrals. i tried to be a lot more spare in the composition and i liked that a lot. i had so much fun i made two collages instead of just one. sometimes its easier to make two at a time as sort of a series...
dec 31th {a collage a day} 1 of 2 dec 31th {a collage a day} 2 of 2

something blue

this is the collage i made today and in my drawers of scraps and ephemera i tend to 'save' certain things . maybe its because its so lovely i dont want to use it up or its just because i dont know what to do with it. i also have a lot of junk in those drawers i never use so this time i tried to use papers i dont normally pick out, for whatever odd reason.

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