Saturday, February 16, 2008 closing

i was shocked to read in one of my favorite mail art forums that the owner of the website had decided to close the site down by the end of the month. actually i was pretty disappointed and even a little angry since all the swap commitments were left hanging and of course confusion ensued. swap hosts either canceled the swaps or we were to move elsewhere. a million different online atcards groups sprung up overnight.looking at so many new groups confused me even more to be honest. i know atcards is just a forum, but it was a great forum of friendly people, well organized swaps and the majority of the atcs i have in my collection have come from that site.

thankfully, the swaps i am in have decided to continue at another site and a new atc forum is going to come online: when it emerges, you should all join! i will definitely be there. :)