Tuesday, March 25, 2008

indie craft vs. established craft

today i found this fascinating discussion about what the alternative/new wave/indie/diy craft movement (what ever you wanna call it) from the perspective of someone who is an outsider to this movement, but is within the established crafters. here is the full speech. reading the speech it made me a little angry - mainly because i felt it was such a generalization about the quality of work being done (percieved as being low quality and the crafters untrained. and i feel like just going to one or two craft shows barely scratches the surface of what the diy movement is about. hnmm just my .20 cents. definitely read the comments on the first post i linked up. it is a great discussion.

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Seuss's Cat said...

I am certainly intrigued by this and started to read it but am at work so really need to do work, however I have saved it and plan to read it in my own time so I am sure I will have something to say about it once I have :)