Thursday, March 27, 2008

recent things

recent things:
1. i am going to peru! its finally confirmed - from may 24 to june 14 :) it will be my first time in south america, i cant wait to see peru...

2. i have a big project: a non profit called writerscorps, which teaches creative writing to youth in san francisco is celebrating their 15th anniversary this year.

so what does this have to do with me? well, ive been a student at writerscorps for about 5 years, since i was 13 and my writing has grown so much because of the program.

they are doing an exhibit, highlighting 10 students (which includes myself) but the biggest honor is that i will be doing a collage installation piece, on a wall that is possibly 5 feet tall, the dimensions arent confirmed yet but its a huge honor to be chosen! and ive never done any piece in such a large scale, so this will be a challenge for me...i am very excited though.

3. i will also be curating a small exhibit at the sf public library in their teen center space, i am thinking it will be a mix of zines i have collected over the years and possibly my own art journals. a possible workshop in conjunction with the exhibit may happen as well.

4. i applied to a juried craft fair but didnt make it in. i was kind of disappointed, but maybe it is a good thing i didnt get in since now i have all these other commitments happening. i love craft fairs but they are hard work and can be draining to me. even though i wont be a vendor at bazaar bizarre, i am excited to check out the maker faire in san mateo, happening may 3 and 4.

5. i had a bowl of pho at a restaurant on irving. what was disappointing was that they only gave me one measly meatball and it didnt taste that great either. it reminds me next time to just go to the other restaurant across the street.

6. i love guava juice especially the kern's nectar kind. i think i am addicted to them...

7. more journal pages done recently:

8. and finally take a peek at the newest anthropologie catalogs. they're always a source of inspiration for me.


fioretta said...

sorry to hear about the craft fair... but how awesome that you are going to Peru! I love traveling, but sadly I don't get to do much anymore - and I've never been to South America... you'll need to post lots of photos. ;)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and looked at Etsy you do awesome work and am so happy you get to go to daughters went to Honduras and to Africa on missions trips...I have been thinking of doing Etsy and you are inspiring me to think again about it..cheryl

Seuss's Cat said...

Wwow you have been doing lots recently. What was you planning on selling at the craft fair?

It sounds like you are quite young but been very much a busy crafter. I am only 24 (I say only, it seems that alot of journal/ATC people are quite a bit older than I) and do my art/craft mainly as a hobby but I love it. Its nice to meet someone else young doing stuff. It sounds like you do alot!

Peru huh - what are you planning on doing whilst out there?