Monday, December 08, 2008

gift wrapping

wrapping gifts can seem like a chore to many. but i'm not a girl who likes the santa snowman papers really - they're okay, but they can be rather cheesy and generic, you know?

all the crafting blogs i've been reading lately have tons of lovely holiday ideas and one idea reminded me of what i had in abundance.

fun with fonts via lupin's blog


the letters she made are hand cut, but i was lucky enough to get tons of white diecut letters, so i had a much easier time personalizing the gift wrap. i used a map, wrapped a dictionary page as a band, added a C diecut letter and topped it off with a key, and blue & white twine. i love adding a personal touch to the wrapping, it makes presenting the gift lovelier.


TheSeaWithin said...

I love the letter idea! Too cute! I sometimes just get too excited and want to get the package in the mail that I don't do anything exciting!

wzgirl said...

That is TOO cute, Annie! I love it.