Sunday, December 14, 2008


every year i always have things i would love for gifts but i never seem to remember them when people ask me!

rosette fasinator headband, $30 by giantdwarf
this pretty headband comes in several different color choices. so cute! i've been torn between the saffron butter and the violet grape.

Drawing From Life: The Journal as Art by jennifer new, $25
this is a great book about visual journaling. i like this book particularly because it doesnt just feature mixed media collage like a lot of the other art journaling books do. and it's not an instruction/technique book either. it's simply inspiration and there's great in depth interviews with each person. i also like that it doesn't focus just on artists. i've been borrowing this out of the library, but it's definitely worth getting my own copy.

papercut print, $25 by elsita
an absolutely gorgeous print of a paper cut. it's amazing to see all the intricate details inside the silhouette of a girl.

Airmail Label Note Card Set, $8.50 by BlueCakeAndButtercup
because i can't seem to resist airmail themed things!

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