Thursday, July 02, 2009

Map of My Life poetry chapbook



Map of My Life is 8 poems & 2 stories, it's about my favorite fruit. a childhood memory. living in san francisco and riding muni. it's about everyday things, it's exploring who i am.

i've been writing poems since i was thirteen, now i'm twenty, so it's long overdue i suppose on publishing my first collection of poems & there are two short stories as well. and i do mean really short stories. i took a short story class during the spring semester and every story i wrote was 500 words or less. but i don't mind that, because it's the words that matter.

sprinkled around the words are some photos i took while walking around the city. the skeleton piano photo is one i took when i toured the san francisco dump.

check it out in my etsy shop :)

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Mony said...

you make wonderful works!O_O
I'm fascinated by theme!!My best compliments!
I can not avoid to become your follower!!!!:)
greetings from italy!
see you soon