Thursday, January 07, 2010

color splash

right now i'm on a nice long break from school. survived my finals & had a nice low key holiday with my family and friends.

recently i have been working with acrylic inks - i like how intense the colors are, they basically come in little bottles with a dropper application. i just add a drop or two, wet my brush and then spill the colors around. last night i splattered inks all over pages in my journal (intentionally) and also splattered color around my hands and face! that was definitely unintentional.

here are some of my latest artworks using the inks:

begin again
begin again

true romance

a day by the sea
a day by the sea

i've been hoarding certain ephemera. vintage letters and envelopes, photographs, topographical maps. i always worry i will "waste" something in a collage that turns out badly, but i also don't like using reproductions as much. there's something so much more precious about using real ephemera. so all three pieces harbor ephemera i was hoarding.

i've also been enamored with holgas and diana cameras, all those fun toy cameras at so i borrowed a friend's holga and off i went today to musee mechanique. i shot a roll of film there, but the mystery is how the photos turned out...i have to shoot more pictures and then get them developed. so that will be another post.


Heidi said...

came over from artsymama's a year of color, still haven't explored all the blogs there. your collages are so pretty! the colors are great!

i know what you mean about hoarding the ephemera, not wanting to waste it on a project that doesn't turn out - i do the same thing.

ikenspiken said...

wow wonderful works!