Saturday, April 03, 2010

double entry ledger

double entry ledger
i've always wanted to find old ledgers. you know the kind with yellowing pages, the lines are pink and create columns for accounts. to stumble onto a ledger filled to the brim with cursive handwriting would be amazing.

a few weeks ago, i went to an estate sale out in the mission district. the house was an old one, with beautiful wood furniture, a closet full of dresses and it had this air of being stuck in time somehow. it's hard to describe i guess but it was a lovely little home. i found stacks of old letters, a lot of them were written in italian which i immediately had to decide which ones to buy! and then i found a sturdy blue hardcover ledger. when i opened it, not a single page was written on. it was old but new.


and then i realized it would be a perfect journal for me. i had just filled up my beat up composition notebook and it was time for a new journal. the ledger has sturdy lined pages that lets my pen just flow. and the pages don't crumple, because it's quality paper.

because the cover was kind of plain i did some decorating. i gathered up the vintage envelopes i had collected from previous vintage paper fairs and some canceled postage stamps. i gessoed the covers first, so they would be rough and ready to take the matte medium, which is the glue i use for collage. i glued on the envelopes,arranging them carefully and then added a few stamps here and there. it still didn't look finished, so i created an airmail envelope border with this patterned japanese tape.

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Brian K said...

Oh this is soo drool worthy! What an awesome find! Enjoy filling it up with magic!!!