Wednesday, April 14, 2010

patterns of japantown

it's springtime. one of the prettiest things about a city full of blossoming trees is when the wind blows and the petals fly in the air, about to land on us.

on weekends sometimes i like to wander around a neighborhood. SF has several unique neighborhoods and japantown is one of my favorites.

i like looking out for interesting patterns on buildings.

graffiti truck
a truck covered with brilliant graffiti

when i go to japantown, I love japanese dollar stores (which are modeled off of 100 Yen stores) and the wonderful kinokuniya bookstore that is has a ton of craft and design books as well as stacks and stacks of amazing magazines. kinokuniya also has a stationery supply store with a myriad of colorful notebooks, gorgeous washi paper screenprinted with floral patterns, file folders, notecards and art supplies. oh and sophie's crepes...i like to watch the guy make crepes from the window...

when i am taking photos of everything around me, i always try to remember to look down, up, sideways, everywhere. you never know what you'll see.

flowers fallen to the ground

i want a parasol just like this...


laura west kong said...

beautiful photography ... so intriguing. Like there's a little bit of mystery going on.

Sarah said...

Beautiful photos-I especially love the blossom on the ground. The shops in Japan town sound great!