Wednesday, December 29, 2010

end of the year

what have i been up to lately? this month has gone by so fast and now that things have slowed down i can finally relax. i was writing papers and finishing up projects for school, which sounds easier said than always seems to take longer than i thought it would.

once finals were over, i had a relaxing crafternoon with some friends. i taught them how to make mini notebooks with airmail envelopes as the cover. during that afternoon i remembered how fun it was to make things and how much i missed it after all that work during the end of the semester.

airmail notebooks

then i made last minute items for a holiday bazaar at rincon center, a building in downtown san francisco. the craft fair was during the days leading up to christmas, so it was meant to draw in last minute shoppers. at this point, i was a last minute shopper! i had to figure out what to give to some friends (on a tight budget and time frame) and then finally realized i could give prints of my artwork, which they loved (!)

curbsidetreasure display

my booth was a six feet table, i'm a little embarrassed about how wrinkled the tablecloth is. but i thought the display was nice and because my printer broke last month i couldn't print anything for little signs. instead i used my set of alphabet stamps by cavallini and printed out the name of the items and wrote the price down that way. it seemed to work well.

curbsidetreasure display

curbsidetreasure display

you can see my trusty red paper suitcases as part of the display. i bought them from Flax a few years ago as a set of 5 for $20. they no longer sell them, but i know the does in sets of 3 for $20.

by christmas eve, i came down with a cold. i haven't been sick for awhile and so it sucked. my eyes watered and i was really worn down for a few days. even though i had a cold, i had a nice relaxing christmas and had hot pot for dinner. yum! now i feel a lot better and can finally enjoy the break!


PamelaArtsinSF said...

Wow, Annie, your artwork looks terrific. I wish I went to that sale in Rincon. Have anything left to sell? I'll buy some. Hope your cold is better -- and happy holidays.

catwrangler said...

That table looks great. You got such a great deal on the suitcases. Paper-Source has them too. I got my first set at Flax and my last at Paper Source. I still need to frame your absolutely lovely and very special to me art. I'm sick too at the moment. Bleh.