Thursday, September 22, 2011

snail mail social + a call for correspondents


i'm excited to announce the Snail Mail Social, which is a letter writing social with vintage typewriters, custom stationery and rubber stamps. Carolee and I have organized it in conjunction with Arch Drafting Supply which is an awesome independent art store in the Portrero Hill neighborhood in San Francisco.

in which i recieve a typewriter

typewriters! rubber stamps! custom statonery designed by carolee! and if i can get it together, artistamps designed by me.

if you are in the SF Bay Area, definitely come in and write some letters, decorate your stationery and we will have rubber stamps and ephemera for you to use. i am hoping that after the first social, we will be able to hold more of these events in the future.

The Snail Mail Social will be held on October 8th, 1-4 pm
at ARCH 99 Missouri Street, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94107

Even if you are not in san francisco, there's another way to participate! we want to have a list of willing correspondents available for anyone at the social to write to. maybe you would like a new penpal, or you're a mail artist looking to exchange postcards and other fun stuff. if you're interested in being on the list email me at seasecrets @ gmail dot com your name, address and interests. think of it as a penpal want ad! edit, due to the overwhelming response we have more than enough addresses. thank you everyone for submitting your penpal want ads/addresses!


Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome! Wish I could go. You can put me on the list of people to be penpals if you like.

The Pen Thief said...

Hi Annie! I posted about this social on my blog today. I hope you get lots of people to turn out! I know I would if I were closer (Stuck in Ohio). Good Luck!

PamelaArtsinSF said...

Thanks t you and Carolee -- sounds like fun! I will stop by for sure. And I am happy to be on your mail-art list.

Donna Cartagena said...

This is a wonderful idea .. I would love to have a pen pal to send mail art too ! I will email you with my info :)

TMC said...

I emailed you my info! : )

chewytulip said...

Enjoy the social!
I'll participate from afar by sending you my info. :)

GinaVisione said...

Hey A & C! This looks awesome -looking forward to it. Please put Gina Visione on the list for mail art. I'm hoping to bring a wonderful letter-writing-lover Aussie friend too (hopeful new Co-oper!). Thanks for the gig!

Jordi Mota i Sierra said...

If someone wants a penpal from Spain, placed in Catalonia, near France, in a city called Girona -very beautiful-, just write me!
I will send postcards with stamps or letters expalining my daylife and history from Catalonia.

BJ said...

I will be there with Gina Visone. So excited that there are other snail mail mates out there :-) BJ