Wednesday, November 29, 2006

one inch art squares

i've been noticing tiny little one inch squares that have been collaged. at first i was a little wary of it, since it seemed like a challenge, but yesterday i wanted to try something new. so i cut out one inch pieces of cardboard, used bits of origami and cut out tiny details from magazines and catalogs. then i went through ripped out text pages for interesting words. it was a fun but also interesting to see what i came up with when utilizing such a tiny canvas. now i realize they would be fun to swap with others, but i'm wondering how others display such tiny works of art?

here's my first attempts with this:
one inch collage squares

some links/ideas from others: lia makes them as well and here's chrysti's 1' squares and tutorial


Casey said...

I really like the "Daydreaming" one!! :)

lia said...

Wonderful work!! I couldn't do it when I cut out the inch piece the first time. Then when I tried after prepping it and painting it and then cutting it, it was much easier for me! you did a fantastic job with it using all these papers! I will come up with some things to do and post them for ideas if anyone wants some. Right now I am thinking a wooden frame I got at michaels for a dollar. I want to paint it and put all the retro 1 x 1's on it. thanks for letting me know you did these so I could "come over" and see them!~Lia

annie said...

thanks casey :)

lia: your ideas sound great. i definitely would like to see what you come up with for displaying the squares.