Thursday, November 30, 2006

library pocket book

on monday i had been wanting to try and make a small book using library pockets. i was inspired by what i had seen here & here. i found a template here. but then i realized i had no cardstock to use for the library pockets. what i did have lying around on the floor was two priority mail envelopes that were made out of tyvek, which is a rip resistant and water proof material. it was thin, but tough which seemed like an interesting material to use. i cut the envelopes open and used the them to make my library pockets with the template.

after making the library pockets, i was thinking of ways to bind them. one easy way was to hole punch them on top as if it were a tag. i tried that, but my hole punch got stuck on the tyvek, so i had to force the hole punch from the pocket. nothing ripped of course, but i realized maybe hole punching was not so good for the tyvek since it's so tough. to disguise the wrinkled holes, i decided to place each pocket on top of each other. i folded the small part on top of all the pockets, where the hole was and taped it down so the pockets were attached to one another.

i was planning to use the pockets for atcs. but i found that the pockets were a little too large for the atcs, so the atcs were falling off. i decided to use blue library due date cards that were cut into tags, & they fit nicely. i wasn't satisfied yet, though. i decided i wanted a cover for the book to protect the tags (which would be collaged on later). i still had several pieces of the tyvek envelope left so i made a cover that was a little bit bigger than the book. then i glued the back of the last pocket to the cover as well as the first pocket onto the cover. this attached the book to the cover. i screwed up in the last part since i lost the first pocket, unfortunately, but i did learn something from my mistake.
the result:
book of library pockets

book of library pockets

if my instructions sound rather muddled and a bit vague, that's because they are! i didn't plan it out, i just went along and did it. which is why i encountered a few mistakes, but i did like using the recycled materials and will decorate the tags later.

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