Friday, December 01, 2006

christmas (cards)

christmas cards

the christmas catalogs have been arriving at our house these past few weeks. pottery barn, williams sonoma, harry & david, papersource. i flip through them and wonder who actually buys fruitcake or the humongous box of cheese & meat. i do like ripping pages out and cutting out little things, like bows and the pretty patterns of wrapping paper. the way chocolates are lined up and decorated so prettily.

i find christmas exhausting and exciting and an annoyance all the same time. it's about trying to find the right gift, or having no idea what a person wants. the small nativity scene and the colorful lights that adorn a house across the street. it's seeing the big christmas tree lit up on union square. the constant ringing of the salvation army bell in front of stores and trying to find good gifts that fit under a tight budget. i like the decorations & wrapping paper & sending christmas cards & presents, of course. i am making wallets made out of paper for friends.

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