Tuesday, December 12, 2006

busy with finals & recent artwork

i haven't been blogging much lately as you can see. i was pretty stressed out over a final i had yesterday for US women's history. the professor gave us three in class essay questions to study, and on the day of the final she would chose a question for us. plus she's a hard grader - the class average for our midterm was a C- to a D. i was worried she would chose a question i wasn't as prepared on, but she didn't...she chose the question i wanted. you should have seen the reaction of the class when she announced it - there were loud cheers, shouts of YES! and a bunch of groans as well. i was extremely relieved and then wrote and wrote until my hand hurt and the class was over. hopefully i will get a decent grade on the final.

recently, i've become a part of the Ten Two Studios design team! I think this will be an exciting and interesting opportunity for me. I've been having fun using the collage sheets from the company & here are the results:

this is an collage in my art journal, with messy smears of red crayon, random bits and pieces of collage scraps, alice in wonderland faux postage & my attempt at rubberstamping w/ the butterfly. i rarely rubberstamp stuff, probably because rubberstamps are expensive and the only ones i have are from the company penny black because my aunt worked there and gave them to me. i also do not have many ink pads. i have a purple inkpad from memories and a basic black inkpad from a japanese company that takes forever to dry.

K is for Keys
I've been neglecting to finish up my atcs for the alphabet swap at the atcards forums,which is a great place to join in on organized swaps as well as trade one on one. people there are really friendly and helpful. i only have a three more atcs to make: J, Z, and Q to complete the alphabet of atcs. Q is really stumping me...any ideas? i'll have to browse through the dictionary for ideas.

circus act
this is a 4 x 4 collage. and i swear it looks better in person. sometimes scanning can be off which is a shame. somehow it didn't turn out exactly the way i wanted it to be, but i'm satisfied with it. i wanted to make a piece that made the circus look magical and dazzling, like the way a child would see it for the first time.


Casey said...

Wow. I really love these--especially the first two. I just love looking at collages like yours. I dabbled a bit in collage last spring (my design teacher had an obsession for making us do collages...), but I could never come up with such beautiful composistions. Keep it up--I love just looking at your work! :)

Anna said...

Q for question, quest, queen!

lia said...

my daughter is stressing the finals now too, glad you got a good question. I still remember the feeling...and congrats on the ten studio. I Love this spread and will have to try the crayon technique you mentioned. I have some rubberstamps, alot of ink I bought on sale, and no skill whatsoever other than edging things. anytime I try to stamp I mess it up. with collage it's hard to do but when you have a hard corner line somewhere from a stamp, it kinda messes up the composition!! -lia