Tuesday, December 05, 2006

small gifts come in lovely packages

i had bought small gift sacks with little starlite mints printed all over them last year for christmas. they went unused, so i was determined to use them this year. i also wanted to incorporate the gift tags i had made. i also realized i had no christmas gift wrap around the house either, and as much as i adore the designs i've seen in stores i didn't want to fork over money for a roll either.

instead, i looked through the christmas gift catalogs that we've recieved over the last few weeks. i ripped out a few pages that appealed to me. the size of each item is small and compact, so even the size of one page from the catalog was a bit too big. i cut the paper down to a smaller size & wrapped the gift. then i slipped the gift into the gift sack. to attach the tag to the gift sack, i folded down the top part of the gift sack, hole punched the gift sack in the middle and inserted the tag's ribbon and tied a bow.

small gifts come in lovely wrappers

back view of the gifts:
back of the gifts


Casey said...

What a clever idea!!!

lia said...

these are wonderful!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Those tags are great!!