Monday, January 08, 2007

day 5/recycle

i joined a recycle swap on the atcards forums and the rule was to use only recycled materials. since i already use a lot of ephemera and recycled materials, i wanted to challenge myself a bit and use things i wouldn't normally use in my atcs.

office supplies

these two cards are made out of:
1. manilla envelope - i like the interesting look people's handwriting brings to the card
2. manilla folder
3. address label
4. lined paper
5. stamps

these cards are made out of:
1. brown sugar label - my mom buys brown sugar from chinatown and yesterday morning she was opening a new one
2. white rabbit candy wrappers - one of my favorite candies, very milky and sweet, like a taffy.
3. red envelope
4. gold candy wrapper - from a symphony bar, which is my favorite chocolate bar
5. milky candy box - i cut out the cute little girl's face and split her eyes from her smile.

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