Tuesday, January 09, 2007

day 6 / work in progress

today's art journal entry

i've been working on several things lately, this seems to work well enough for me, because i can't seem to work on one project or piece at a time.

first, i've been slowly altering a book and trying to "find" a story in a the collages i've been making. it's definitely about correspondence & travel and bits of fashion are added in as well. here are some pages i've done.

it's going to take awhile for me to complete this book, but i will keep blogging about my progress.

here's the almost done shrine:

it's a fashion themed shrine, with a dress pattern backround, women cut from a vintage magazine and buttons, a belt buckle and a clothespin glued on. this is my first shrine, but it's not complete yet. i need to add something, maybe a word or two and then it will feel complete.

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