Thursday, March 08, 2007


lately i've been busy with schoolwork. writing papers, studying for quizzes and tests. there's no time for the fun stuff really. i am also a procrastinator, which doesn't help at all...

today i did have time to relax and i made these two collages, which i have posted up on my etsy shop .
spring daze

spring daze

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lia said...

did you get my little envelope I sent? hope so. Hope you are having a good week. my dd is here for break, just finished mid-terms. she was way busy too....I'm trying to convince her to start a gluebook. she already saves paper like me! tickets, receipts, etc., I've encouraged her to journal, so this would be a good way for her to get some things down in her busy life. Ok, talk soon, xo Lia