Monday, March 12, 2007

heat wave and journal pages

a heat wave has hit SF. today's weather was in the mid 70s, which is definitely considered hot for san francisco - we're usually in the 50s and 60s and my usual outfit of jeans and a long sleeve shirt were much too warm for today. i think daylight savings also made me feel more tired.

besides that, school is making me way too busy. i have two essays to write & a midterm to study for and i have to look up info for a research fun.

on sunday, me and my cousin did our art journaling together. it's fun to sift through scraps and look at each other's work. she also altered a tin that she's going to give to a friend.

recent journal pages:


Gypsy Purple said...

My sympathy...we had a heat wave about 2 weeks ago and it is just now starting to cool down....and to motivate yourself to work.....

Matroskin said...

Hee hee, no danger of a heat wave here in Helsinki! I really like your blog, your collages are very inspiring. Really well made and thought.