Tuesday, July 22, 2008

glimpses of scrap {+ my finds }

at scrap at scrap

scrap is a place i have mentioned a bunch of times on this blog. i am in love with the place. so i went last week & had the foresight to bring my camera along with me.

so here are a few glimpses of this warehouse full of junk and fun stuff you're not sure what to do with but absolutely need: like that little glass bottle or vintage sewing thread or a huge and heavy atlas or random photos and old book pages and metal tins and ipod cases and all sorts of random but lovely junk. so if you're around SF anytime check out their site here for directions and what they're all about. Oakland also has another place that is similar called the East Bay Reuse Depot

at scrap at scrap

at scrap at scrap

a few of my finds:
my finds at scrap my finds at scrap
plastic letters, ephemera (i can't get enough of maps) & more letters!

my finds at scrap 3 lovely glass bottles. i dont know what to do with them yet, but they were so pretty on the shelf i had to have them. i also got notecards, mini ceramic cakes, mini tin buckets, and some odds and ends at the free section which is at the front of the store.
i had a fun time browsing and came out with a bag of stuff for the grand total of $5.


Kelly of The Vintage Butterfly Boutique said...

Wow! I'd never heard of this place, thanks so much for the info. I'll be visiting!

Mixing-Katie said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep! I reeeeeeeeally wanna visit one of these places!

Betsi Goutal said...

Yow! I'm so jealous. We have something similar in Boston at the Children's Museum but it's MUCH smaller. The size of a living room, really. I have got to check out Scrap if I ever visit SF.

Punkinhead said...

I'd say SF is in the running for my next vacay spot. Thanks for the head's up!