Sunday, July 20, 2008

renegade craft fair SF

me at my booth at renegade craft fair sf


so renegade was pretty cool, i was happy to share a booth with wrenay of shopwhimsy and stephanie of beetlelady books. when it was slow, i browsed through almost all the vendors, it was pretty overwhelming at times, the size of the festival pavilion is huge!

beetlelady books


one of my favorite booths was e.soule with her charming photography, notecards and journals e.soule

i wish i could have taken more pictures of other vendors, but here are few of my favorites at renegade: hillary williams, michelle caplan, sara paloma, & too many suitors + so many more...

& just to make renegade even crazier: mucca pazza - a punk circus band came over to perform
mucca pazza


Judy H in NC said...

how neat! wish I was about 3000 miles closer so I could have gone.

Punkinhead said...

Love the guy in the back. :) He's enjoying himeself as much as you are!