Friday, February 06, 2009

studio inspiration

1. OY @ home! Finally! My new studio wall, 2. My New Studio, 3. Untitled, 4. Nature Collection

monday night is my indesign class. it's about 2 and a half hours sitting in front of a mac at the compuer lab in my community college. we were having technical difficulties - people couldn't log in, indesign wouldn't open, someone's computer was messed up and it was just confusing! class didnt really start because of all this mess, so what do i do? of course i browse through flickr and catch up reading blogs and i especially enjoy looking at modish handmade spaces which is a running feature on modish, an indie art/craft blog

My creation
1. Artists' Studio-9, 2. pedro in my studio, 3. Picture 003, 4. The Posie studio, repainted and reorganized at last!

one thing i love about reading art/craft indie design blogs and through my flickr contacts is looking at other people's studio spaces. whether they call it an art studio or craft room, or you sew clothes or make jewelry or make art, studios are often filled to the brim with supplies and things strewn about. i know i can't keep my room tidy! to me, studios tell me a lot about the person who works in that room. from their love for certain colors and clutter (or lack thereof)....what they make. i also love studios that are small because they are realistic since i work from my bedroom but i also love large open studios with wonderful light - it's something i dream of.

to find more pictures of studios, i like these flickr groups: craft rooms, modish handmade spaces, art studio and workspaces

just recently i have bought myself a copy of cloth paper scissor's Studios magazines. what i like about this magazine is the different types of artists and how varied their spaces were. a lot of them were small and realistic for many people, but there were also aspirational studios to drool over. i also went to borders to look at Where Women Create magazine, published by somerset studio. I think what differs this magazine from Studios is there are less so called 'ordinary' spaces and more of highlighting the polished pretty spaces. but both magazines are great, they just approach the subject a little bit differently.


TheSeaWithin said...

Those studios are incredible!

Jessica said...

I am so jealous of some of those studios! It's nice to see smaller, realistic spaces like what we work out of here in San Francisco!

carolyn said...

i found your blog from someone's blog roll (i forget who!) :-)
i also love looking at other studio spaces for ideas. it is a struggle to keep it organized!

Heather said...

love these! So inspiring! Lol, my studio is a wreck at the moment...not too picturesque!

Beth Niquette said...

I love your blog--too bad you're not a little close to home. Have a wonderful, creative day!

I'll be back to visit often.

THEOSOFT said...

Creative studio..nice blog.