Saturday, February 28, 2009

found poetry

i've been working on a japanese moleskine round robin, which is a group i am facilitating at . i've probably mentioned a bunch of times, and i pretty much trade exclusively there. you can find me there as, surprise surprise, curbsidetreasure. and it's not just atcs that we trade - theres chunky pages and paper dolls and a great variety of themed atc swaps as well as trading one on one and it's just a fun and extremely friendly, active community. so if you're not a member yet, go there and sign up, join some swaps, etc!

so here are the pages i made in rachel's accordion journal:


created with water soluble crayon, lots of chunky textured handmade paper, doilies and the cut out words and phrases are from an anthropologie catalog. cutting the words out from a catalog makes me realize how someone had to put a lot of time and care describing the items - using words like indigo and frost grey and lovelace. perfect for a beautifully mysterious poem.


exploring this theme has inspired me to host a found poetry chunky book swap: and perhaps i might have to get another accordion moleskine journal to start a found poetry journal...i have so many ideas sometimes, but not enough time for them all.

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purplecat said...

This is beautiful, I love the colours and texture!