Friday, March 06, 2009

inspiration from fairy tales

chunky houses - undine

fairy tales have always inspired me, ever since i was a child like many other children i read fairy tales. of course the classic ones are lovely: cinderella, sleeping beauty, rapunzel, snow white, the little mermaid. but as i grew older i began to seek out the slightly more obscure- tales that have a more darker edge to them like donkeyskin and bluebeard.

running away

and then there are stories that sound like fairy tales themselves like the little princess by frances hodgson burnett and the ordinary princess by m.m kaye i remember reading both of those books many many times...and the best website i have found regarding fairy tales is SurLaLune Fairy Tales which has a great selection of fairy tales that are annotated and include classic illustrations.

i am almost done with the book of lost things, a fantasy novel with a boy who loves reading stories - especially fairy tales and then enters a dangerous world where all those fairy tales exist.

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