Tuesday, March 17, 2009

meeting up with dana

dana is a friend i met though atcsforall, which is the amazing website she owns and runs. i had a fantastic time with dana (adriayna) - we went to have lunch in chinatown, then it was onto Flax - an art store with a fabulous selection of decorative papers. you should have seen dana - she ended up buying a ton of papers, all of which were priced from $1-$2 a sheet. there were italian marble papers that were only a dollar, blue net papers, wrapping paper with blue hot air balloons, delicate silvery white papers. at one point dana had so many papers in her hands, they kept falling!

this is dana working on a page in my journal!

the beginnings of a collage i did in dana's journal.

then it was onto scrap! a warehouse full of junk companies and people donated that was great for all kinds of artists and crafters. because the bus was so late, we ended up getting there by 4:30 and had only half an hour to shop but i think we found some good things - i got some children's alphabet blocks, rubber stamps and some paper. dana got some amazing translucent paper that had been typewritten on, which gave lovely effects on the collages we did.

dana's watercolor pallette

we finally got to my place and made art for a few hours in my attic room. dana taught me the wonders of using vibrant bold shin han watercolors! how to layer colors on top of another, it was so fun to splatter the colors onto the page. i had always wondered about how to use watercolors and now i know how to do vibrant backgrounds...

collab collage
i had an idea on doing collaborative artwork together, so we worked on two canvases and both came out really well. this is the one i kept and dana has the other one.

dana driscoll journal pg

the beautiful journal page dana made for me in my journal.


~Barb~ said...

OMG, what a wonderful day you two had...it sounds like pure heaven to me. And great pieces both of you created to celebrate the occasion, too.
Peace & Love,

purplecat said...

How lovely you got to meet up, sounds like you had fun!
I am so excited about Artfest in June, when the UK atcsforall are getting together for the weekend, can't wait to meet more people from the site!

iHanna said...

Beautiful day, beautful art! Thanks for sharing the joy!

ikenspiken said...

I'm lovin it! very beautiful :)

WendyK said...

Isn't it great to meet up with fellow artists. Lucky you getting one of Dana's beautiful trees in your journal.
Lovely work both of you.

Marti Schrock said...

Your Scrap! Reminds me of the re-use store at our recycling center. It is only open one day a month, & I rarely miss it. So many treasures to find.