Monday, April 27, 2009

making art in cafes

a few weeks ago, i had a fun time meeting up with another atcsforall friend, Sunny. we both live in san francisco and i thought it would be fun to meet in a cafe and make some art. we ended up staying there for nearly 3 hours! and our table of course was the messiest one compared to everyone else's. they were doing homework or on their laptops. i don't think they were having as much fun as sunny and i were.

we both brought supplies, sunny shared her distress ink pads and pastels which were fun to use. i brought silky crayons and lots of magazine papers and other ephemera for us to play with. I loved seeing her art journal in person.

Making art outside my attic room is definitely interesting. i am often limited in terms of supplies, but being out of the studio sometimes makes me see the stuff i use in a different way, or i improvise. i use ONLY the things around me instead of shuffling the piles of papers in my room.

and making art with a new friend is great too because there's instant feedback and ideas. it's this back and forth thing as we encourage one another and if we're stuck i like that another person can see view the piece with a different perspective.


iHanna said...

Beautiful pages my dear!

Roben-Marie said...

These are gorgeous and so inspiring!