Wednesday, April 29, 2009

easter egg dyes

it's pretty obvious i am a paper junkie. every time i go to Flax, a local art store with an amazing selection of handmade papers, i never leave without at least a few sheets of handmade papers. i often get them on sale, for a dollar or two. but sometimes my papers just sit there and i don't use them much.

in the the current issue of somerset life spring 09, connie govea stuart has a beautiful article on a simple idea: dying ribbon and papers with easter egg dyes.

so i had a fun time dipping my handmade papers into the dyes. i dyed paper that had strings embedded in it, lace with beading, coffee filters and anything else i could get my hands on. i liked seeing how the colors varied depending on which kind of paper/surface was being dyed.

dyed papers

next year, i will definitely stock up on easter egg dyes after easter is over!


Bri said...

Those look really cool! I wish I had a paper shop like that. Although I'd just end up with more paper than I have already, which probably wouldn't be good. :)

LissaMe said...

you don't have to wait until next easter. food coloring does the same thing. Your papers are beautiful tho. and this is an awesome idea that I cant wait to try.I have made paper myself and enjoyed doing it but it never occured to me to try dying it.