Saturday, August 15, 2009

bits & pieces

i don't think i've posted this before, but a book by Carolee Gilligan Wheeler and Jennie Hinchcliff called Good Mail Day is newly released! Please check out the book, i loved the sneak peeks of it, the styling, photography and layout looks wonderful and charming. if any of you are in the bay area, they are also having a book release party at the SF Center for the Book

i am thrilled that the cover features a part of a mail art envelope i sent them - it's on the top left corner of the cover, where the forever stamps are.

i made the envelope from bits of chinese ephemera i had lying around the house, tea wrappers and calendars and peruvian ephemera i had collected after my trip to peru - bus tickets and tea bags and museum brochures and all sorts of bits of paper.

on another note, school is starting up again, the last week of august. i've transferred to San Francisco State University and i'm majoring in graphic design. it's too bad with impacted classes i didn't get any required classes for my major. that is so disappointing to me, but i'm going to see if anyone drops and try to sign up for the classes.

On Monday i went to a free screening of Hayao Miyazaki's movie Ponyo! i loved it, it's about a little fish-girl who meets a little human boy and decides she wants to be human forever. check out the trailer here


Jackie Flaherty said...

I just got my copy yesterday and am excited to take some time to start reading through it. I also saw a post on this book at

I don't do a lot of mail art, but I like to dress up my letters and I'm sure I'll find some new ideas in here.


TheSeaWithin said...

Woohoo! That's awesome you are on the cover! I'll totally check this book out!

Mamma Pie said...

I have got to get my hands on a copy of that book now! It looks so fun! thanks for suggesting it,

mwquilt said...

I got this for Christmas, and was excited to see your work in it , as I recognised your name from purchasing a zine from your Etsy store. Congratulations. I loved this book and hope to do some mail art and also incorporate some of the ideas into journaling.
Marina in England