Friday, October 02, 2009


bird resting on wire

there are things in the back of mind that i have to do and sometimes i've been putting them off because i don't have enough confidence or enough time or whatever. sometimes i feel like i don't put myself out there enough.

things i want to do:
1. apply to a juried show that's coming up
2. apply to be a student artist in residence at the SF dump
3. work on more graphic design stuff
4. find time to meet other creative people and have art/crafternoons
5. expand my itty bitty etsy shop

what are your creative goals? or just your goals in general?

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mwquilt said...

I love your work. What a great idea to be an artist-in-residence at a dump! I don't know if your were just joking, but I think it would be great if every town dump had an artist-in residence (well..not literally in residence)...would open up people's minds to the possibilities of making art with stuff that would otherwise be in landfill, and bring art to lots of people who wouldn't think of going to a gallery, or an art show.