Friday, October 09, 2009

art making and messes in the east bay

do you ever feel like you have friends who don't quite get what you do, in terms of art? sometimes i feel like that about some (not all) of my friends. so it's really refreshing to meet new people who love art journaling and making messy collages and appreciate scraps and all sorts of the same things i love in real life.

art making and messes

i first met sparkleface on flickr and i had been admiring her art journals for awhile and it turned out she lives in the east bay. so she invited me to hang out with her and her friend rachel, who is also does wonderful art journals. thats why i have so much love for flickr, because i've 'met' so many talented artists on the site.


it was a windy day but still beautiful. i loved using their supplies, and they had fun using what i brought with me.

somehow it's so refreshing to use someone else's ephemera and rubberstamps and paints. it makes for a change i guess. and it's just so much fun to share. that's what i love about art, is that it's about sharing and learning and mutual admiration and community and new friends coming together.


TheSeaWithin said...

Fun! I miss the east bay!

sparkle said...

We had so much fun, Annie! Here's hoping for another sunny day, soon!


Dawn said...

I ran into your blog from Hanna....I lOVE your stuff! My friends don't really get it either, but they do humor me :)

gm glimmerglass said...

I recently fell into an entire group of like-minded paint sloppers. Heaven!

Your work and your blog are scrumptious. Merci