Saturday, February 13, 2010

diana mini

a few weeks ago, i splurged on a diana mini camera. it's an analog camera made out of plastic and is so teeny and cute, i put it in my purse everyday taking a few shots here and there. i'm not a trained photographer, i just think of using a camera as another way to see the world and most importantly i use my little toy camera to play around. experiment with double exposures, which is when you take one photo, don't advance the film, but instead take another photo. two separate images layer themselves. when taking photos with the diana mini and the holga, the unexpected often occurs.

treasure island

these two images were taken on treasure island, which is a man made island near san francisco. the navy occupied it for a time, but now around 600 people live on the island including one of my good friends. it's a really serene, quiet place. the views of san francisco's skyline is stunning and you can see the bay bridge.

the images are dreamy, washed out, almost like a painting. but really just a wonderful accident.


Planet Susannia said...

Wonderfull photos!

Jessica said...

We should go on a photography field trip sometime!

Paige said...

I found your blog through a google search. I have been wanting to get into lomography for a couple of years now, but didn't want to hassle with 120 film. I am thinking of purchasing a Diana mini. Thanks for your info. Do you have a Flikr or another site with more pics taken with yours?

annie yu said...

hi paige, thanks for commenting. i really appreciate it :)
i haven't had much time to take more photos with my diana mini - need to buy more film too.

but here's my flickr page