Tuesday, February 16, 2010

more diana mini photos


i've been playing tourist in my own city, keeping an eye out for interesting objects, and trying to see big things in new ways, like the golden gate bridge.

sea over bridge

i find myself grabbing my camera at a moment's notice, when something catches my eye i take a picture as fast as i can especially if the bus is stopped and about to move.



somehow objects and moments layer on top of one another, another story told or imagined.



carolee said...

These are so fun.
Does the mini take 35mm film? For me, the sticking point of the Holga is the trouble and expense of having the 120 film developed. Makes it harder to have fun, you know?

whimsywren said...

Great images! The Diana is a good camera for a poet!

annie yu said...

carolee, the reason why i bought the diana mini was because it takes 35 mm film. just be aware it only takes half frame pics and square ones. it doesn't take full frame ones but i find a lot of my photos overlap.

you can try altering your holga 120 to take 35mm, i know there are tutorials out there. there's also a holga 135 which takes 35mm.

thank you wrenay and carolee! it's very fun to take these photos :)

The Mincing Mockingbird said...


Monica said...

Really like these. Reflections are often very 'otherworldy'... suggesting so many layers.