Monday, April 19, 2010

you possess that rare ability...


here's one of the collages that i made as part of a series, incorporating photos of places in san francisco.

i'm happy to announce thatmy artwork will be published in a book that's a poetry anthology meets tour guide to san francisco. how awesome does that sound? some of my poems along with super talented fellow youth poets & my artwork will be published in this gorgeous full color book that will be 7 x 7" (san francisco is 7 by 7 miles) by WritersCorps which is a great organization that teaches creative writing to youth in schools, community centers & libraries.

i will let you know more about this book when it's finished. i've had a chance to see some sneak peeks of the layout and the cover. it's turning out to be an amazing project that i'm really proud to be a part of. besides art and poems there's wonderfully designed maps of the places we went to, shops and other places we recommend and it's truly a guide that is from poets who are passionate about their city.

as for the curious text i pasted onto the collage, funny typos and all, it comes from the magical antique arcade, the musee mecanique!

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