Wednesday, April 28, 2010


some of you may know that i've been a part of this wonderful online art community called which is a forum run by some wonderful ladies. we trade atcs, chunky pages, we have tons of atc swaps in different themes, there are secret santas, and it's just a wonderfully fun, well organized online community.

the fun thing about it is meeting people from all over the world through their art. and for the first time i am going to a gathering in Monterey, CA to meet other members, trade art and just have a fun weekend away! hopefully i will take photos and share what happened during the event when i get back.

i'm also dreading writing papers and studying for finals. the end of this semester really snuck up on me...

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chel said...

Thank you for that link- I have been desperate for an online community like this since went crazy and am so hopeful this might be a way to get me back into mail art and art swaps again.