Sunday, May 09, 2010

sorry for the lack of updates

1. finals are coming up and so i've been writing and writing papers, one is about blogs, the other is about technology and another is about a french painting. all fascinating subjects but there's not enough time to write....

2. i had a fantastic time in monterey, when i was down there with my friend lindamay i realized how much i needed a weekend away and all we did was attend workshops, trade atcs and laugh a lot. good times. honestly it was kind of overwhelming meeting everyone at first, but i had such a good time and the goody bag was amazing! ranie and yvonne did an amazing job coordinating the event and everyone was very happy.

a lovely souvenir tag for the event made by ranie

terri working on her fabric collage workshop taught by lindamay

3. my collage packs are being sold at Little Otsu's SF Store! If you are in SF or in the SF bay area, check out their store at 849 Valencia Street which is in the mission district of san francisco. if you can't make it to little otsu, be sure to check out the online store because they have an amazing selection of paper goods by various independent artists. sorry my collage packs won't be sold there, but they are at my etsy shop

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