Monday, June 14, 2010

good things

1. we made the kickstarter goal! in fact, we even made it over 100%, it ended up being 110%, so we earned $4, 165 dollars! i'm so happy and proud that we made it!

please comment here with your email address if you read my blog & donated $25 or more for the book so i can contact you & mail your print of choice.

2. i watched funny face today, i love audrey hepburn movies! i swear, every other audrey hepburn movie is set in paris. funny face has fashion, singing and dancing with fred astaire. i so admire audrey's clothing by givenchy, too.

3. i've been cleaning out my attic room, getting things into some semblance of order, throwing out stuff i don't need and now i have two big bins full of paper for collage. i used to keep a lot of my collage materials in a drawer but it was much too small. i still have things i need to donate to goodwill and maybe scrap.

4. i'm loving all the new features blogger has provided! i changed up my layout from dull grey to this beautiful template that has a watercolor background, which is totally perfect.


mclicious said...

Ooh, Funny Face! I thought it was adorable, except the age difference between Fred and Audrey. But when you don't think about it, great movie! Haha. Your book project looks awesome; congratulations on the success! And thanks for letting me know about your blog. I didn't add it on Facebook because I'm trying to clean that out, but I bookmarked and linked you on my blog. <3


annie said...

hi hannah :)
i added your blog to my google reader & list of blogs too. yeah there's serious age difference there. actually in a lot of audrey's movies the guy always seems quite a bit older than audrey.

Monica said...

glad to find your blog, you have some great stuff here!