Thursday, June 17, 2010



i can be a very imprecise person, messy if you want to say that. i never was a girl that folded something so neatly and perfectly. i would accidentally color outside the lines and my handwriting was big, it still is big and cursivey and it's not what you call small and neat.

i always marvel at people who are so neat and precise and organized. if you saw my bedroom, you wouldn't call me organized. more like pack rat. collector of objects and paper and keys. what i am trying to say is that these journal pages don't just come all at once. there are layers underneath you will never see. there's gesso'd over collages and painted over mistakes and through the process i feel like i will never be finished journaling. and that's okay.

when a page is in progress, it always looks bad before it gets better. & i think there is a balancing act for me, to be improvising but with care. sometimes i splash the ink too much or the gesso on my hands gets all over the page. oops, oh well. i let it go and keep on going.

it's like my journal is this vital, ever changing thing and i love that.






dosfishes said...

Messy is the best! Beautiful (messy) pages.

Chelsea Margaret said...

I'm messy too! It's so nice to see kindred spirits out there. (: I love, love, love your blog. Do you ever show your work? In galleries, I mean?

katilady said...

gorgeous annie!

mad madge said...

I love your blog! You make collage approachable. I am pretty messy myself. Thanks for the encouragement.

marnie said...

i saw these on flickr and loved your work-then found this through the good mail day list-it might take me a while...but i get there usually and find cool things along the way! anyway-the last picture just slays me! i love how the middle is so neat-the tea and the tea cups are all out, not a thing out of place, and it is beautiful. yet the outside of that is messy and gorgeous and whimsical and takes your eye to many different places, and it is every bit as beautiful. i have always been the messy one, in my room and somewhat in my life, but it worked for me as opposed to other family members. i just love that it shows the two can work together and be every bit as lovely in their own unique ways. sorry-this is so long! marnie barrett

iHanna said...

SO many beautiful layers and scribbles and colours - I just love it!

Ingrid said...

your art is so, so gorgeous. i'd love to dive into these pages and stay there forever!