Saturday, June 26, 2010



like a lot of people, i find myself easily lulled into routines and regular places to go. i found myself one windy afternoon with two friends i hadn't seen in awhile. We went to a neighborhood i normally don't find myself going to, called Bernal Heights in San Francisco. It's a hilly little neighborhood not too far from the mission district, with little shops, an independent bookstore and numerous coffee shops.

i liked looking at the colorful houses and the intricate gates.

i find myself still being fascinated by doorways and windows, locks and keys. i don't know why exactly. but i think it may be something about how certain spaces are public and others are kept private.


there are places we can all share, like a park or a coffee shop, a trolley car and sidewalks, these places we emerge and i see how we interact (or don't) with one another.


dosfishes said...

HI Annie,
Thanks for your comments, doors and windows are always appealing, the in and out like you said of public and private, what is revealed and what is hidden. Boston has a lot of iron gates an door coverings but usually black doors behind, not so colorful as SF. I suspect the Dick Blick gel will be on the planet long after we are gone, has a life of it's own.

mad madge said...

I love the open sign with the ornate metal work behind it!

TheSeaWithin said...

Love the photos! I miss SF!

mad madge said...

i sent you a postcard yesterday for the Good Mail Day swap. I forgot to write it on there so just wanted you to know :)