Monday, July 26, 2010



i've been on a art break. as in not making art, not in my journal, not for trades and swaps and all that other stuff. i honestly didn't make it a conscious choice in the beginning, i had just finished my summer class and then i got hooked on a tv show called Veronica Mars. i borrowed the dvds from the library and had a marathon watching all three seasons. in truth, i was a couch potato.

i think i have been making art non-stop these past few years, with some little breaks in between. but consistently i would make something nearly everyday. sometimes, we all need a break from something.

i took a break and now i'm happily back to art making.


EraserQueen said...

Yay! Yes, we all need a break sometimes, and couch potatoing is great for that LOL. For me it was 5 seasons of Babylon early last spring. Here's to coming back refreshed and ready to Art :D I love your art and hope you never stop for too long a break!

mad madge said...

Breaks are so important. I'm on one now from the verbal side of my brain. That way I'll be ready for graduate school in August!
I received my postcard yesterday and love it. Thank you so much. You inspired me to go buy some inks and experiment with them and with altering photographs. I read about doing that on one of your earlier posts. Have you ever considered teaching or do you already?
mad madge

elle said...

hello there! I just got your letter, and what a sight to behold. Every time I try my hand at collages, it ends up looking so disorganized and haphazard; so it was a delight to receive your envelope, I certainly needed some inspiration. Reply to follow soon :-)

I agree, you know what they say..all work and no play -- breaks should also be on the priority list sometimes, so you can come back refreshed and better than ever!